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The Energy Drink Has Matured...and it's called Zen Force!

Zen Force - Energy Shot, is a “Zen” approach to energy; it provides a smooth source of energy that can last 5 hours or more. If you need mindful concentration and the motivation to get things done, Zen Force is an energy shot that provides physical energy without the "crash" at the end.

After taking Zen Force - do not expect to feel a big "jolt", the product has purposefully been designed in a way, so you don't get the typical negative side effects associated with energy drinks.  Feeling the synthetic caffeine "jolt" or "jitters" is unnecessary, unhealthy, and ineffective. Zen Force utilizes natural ingredients which provide a smoother feeling energy.  To really feel the power of Zen Force, you need to be actively doing something.  Take a drink 1/2 hour prior to exercise, or a physical/mental challenging activity, and you will be amazed with the results!

Feel the Zenergy Difference

Zen Force - Energy Shot, has been uniquely and scientifically formulated by a chemist who has almost 20 years of experience in the dietary supplement industry. Zen Force utilizes effective ingredients to provide real results - not trying to "spin" something out of nothing. Zen Force, energy shot, delivers on its claims:

  • Natural Energy

  • Longer Lasting Energy*

  • No Jitters*/No Crash*

  • No Sugar


 This product is intended for adults, not recommended for persons under 18 yrs old. 

Take a drink approximately a half-hour before exercise, or other physical activity. It is recommended to not take on an empty stomach. If you have any sensitivity to caffeine, or have a smaller body mass, you may want to only take half of the 2 oz  - Original formula shot.  Assess how you feel about an hour after taking half of the shot, if you need more of an energy boost, then drink the other ounce. For our original formula - up to 2 energy shots may be taken per day, with at least 2 hours between drinks.  With the Extra Strength Formula, it is recommended to not consume more than 2 per day, with a minimum of 4 hours between drinks.

Caffeine is a natural diuretic, it is important that you drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. If you are engaged in strenuous activities, you may also need to replace electrolytes.

Be wise in your consumption of Zen Force. Do not exceed recommended usage. Do not mix use of this product with alcohol.  If you are pregnant, nursing or have medical concerns, please speak with your physician prior to drinking Zen Force – Energy Shot.


*These statements have not yet been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure disease. Individual results/effects will vary depending upon weight and metabolism.

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"With Zen Force, I was able to get the boost of energy I needed to begin exercising, and I was able to increase my distance and speed for both running and cycling."



"I like how you don’t feel like you took something. It just makes you feel alert and awake without  any negative side effects. Great product." - Tammy, Mesa AZ


"I feel alert after taking Zen Force.  I  don't even notice when it stops working, it doesn't give me the "crash" like other energy drinks."

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